Projescope is your new generation,free real estate consultant.We provide you up to date and correct information about real estate projects in Turkey.

Projescope, found by experts in real estate consulting who understand the needs of the residents and the investors, suppoerts you with hundreds of projects to help you make the right investment.

For investors to find the right option is getting harder day by day because of the recent increase of sales offices and real estate projects with their various marketing activities.

Investors who wants to purchase a property-residential or commercial- are able to make a wrong choice without having the chance to visit the sales offices. Projects can not reach their true potentials without correct information,modelling and sales strategies. Right at this point Projescope is ready to help the investors and project owners.

When we realize there are more than 1500 active sales offices only in Istanbul it is not hard to understand how difficult things can be for the investors.

Difficult only for the investor?

Of course projects should be presented in the best way possible!

Projescope team analyzes the projects and studies all the details and helps to explain it to the investors in the best way by the experts.

Completely Free!

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